Classes + Pricing




$55/month — Beginning at age 5 with fundamentals.


$55/month — Beginning at age 6. Expressive dance style. Tell a story with your movement and performance. Soft lines and ballet recommended prior. Often we do a combined class of Lyrical & Ballet for our younger dancers.


$55/month — Beginning at age 5 with fundamentals. Explore many styles of jazz throughout the dance year. Hip hop to broadway!


$55/month — Beginning at age 9/10. A fusion of jazz, ballet and currently seeing movement borrowed from many other styles of dance as well. Clean lines, ability to hear accents and connect movements to accents. Dance experience in multiple subjects is recommended prior to taking this class.


$55/month — Beginning at age 5 with fundamentals.

Preschool Combination

$55/month — Age 3-5. A fun introduction to gymnastics, ballet and jazz! Here, the beginner student learns not only dance basics but also the structure of a dance class. Waiting in line, partnering, group work, cheering for classmates are all things we work on in addition to skill building. All classes begin with a gymnastics warm up and basic tumbling skills. Then, the class proceeds to do a bit of ballet and/or jazz dance. We bring parents in at the end of each class to show them what we have worked on. Our goals are balance, confidence in performing, gaining some flexibility and strength, along with starting a memory bank of new skills

Private Lessons

$25/lesson — 30 minute one-on-one session with an instructor. Must take a class in order to request a solo.

Duet Lessons

$15/lesson per student — 30 minute session with dance partner and an instructor. Must take a class in order to request a duo.

Trio lessons

$10/lesson per student — 30 minute session with two other dance partners and an instructor. Must take a class in order to request a duo.

Open Technique Classes & Yoga

$10/session — Technique is mandatory for our competitors but all dancers are welcome to drop in to a class. Especially if you might be interested in competing.

For information on YOGA, follow The Good Mood Yoga Community on Facebook. Classes are often Saturday mornings from 9-10am. $10/session.

Pricing Guide / Please review

Registration Fees

A $20 registration fee will be charged to reserve your space in a dance class. Competitors registration fees are included in the competition clinics fees which total $150.

Monthly Payments

Dance classes are $55/month. Checks made payable to A W Dance Company.

A full term = 8 total payments of $55. (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr)

You can receive 10% off for paying in full for your dance classes by Dec 31.

*Solo, duo and trio fees cannot be discounted.

Solo, Duo, Trio Payments

Solo ($25/lesson), Duo ($15/lesson per student), Trio ($10/lesson per student)


Please notify if cannot attend your lesson, so you will not be charged.

Open Classes / Yoga

Please directly pay your instructor that teaches your non-recital open technique or yoga class.

Late Fees

If a monthly dance payment is not received in the month it is owed, a $10 late fee will be charged. Each additional month the payment isn’t received, an additional $10 late fee will be charged.

Solos, duos and trios are to be paid per lesson. If you are over a month behind on these payments, late fees will be applied and the lessons will be paused until the outstanding payments are made.

A student will not be able to begin a new dance term, until the previous year balance is paid in full.

Costume Deposits

A $45 costume deposit (per costume) is due the beginning of November.

The remainder of the costume(s) is due upon shipment of costume which tends to be January or February.

Competition Fees

Competition fees must be paid. If a solo routine isn’t paid, it will not be registered. Your group routines WILL BE registered and if they are not paid at time of competition, a $10 late fee will be applied.