“Everything in the universe has a rhythm. Everything dances.”

Maya angelou


Dance has been such a gift to us. Growing up, going to a class was a moment to connect with friends as well as check in with ourselves. It was an opportunity to release any negativity. A time to invite good energy and positivity into our hearts and minds. It’s helped us gain emotional strength, confidence, work ethic, patience, bravery… It has given us the ability to see the light in ourselves and the light in others. We are grateful for the opportunity to share the gift of dance with you.


Dance at AWDC!

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The Competitive Dancer

A competitive dancer at AWDC participates in skill building and choreography classes in July. Here they learn what is needed to audition. After auditions, classes begin in August where they will learn their competitive routines. A great way to continue to grow in skill, expose yourself to new choreography and other great dancers is to attend the NUVO workshop with us in November. January till mid March, the dancer participates in Saturday morning rehearsals. We travel mid March till the end of April to three competitions. Our recital is the beginning of May. Return to clinics in July to prep for a new season! To see more of our competitive students in action, click here!